Inspired to New Heights By One of America’s Most-Influential Cities

Baltimore has long been one of our nation’s most important and influential cities. From before the time of the American Revolution to this very day, people from all over the world have come here to elevate their lives and the lives of others. Together, these men and women have created a great city with a rich and unique culture. At The Zenith, you’ll live surrounded by the best this city has to offer with instant access to the iconic Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Johns Hopkins and University of MD Medical Center you can be a part of that history.

Founded as a port town in 1729, Baltimore is still the second largest seaport along the Mid-Atlantic coast. But the city hasn’t just brought in ships over the years. It’s brought in writers like Edgar Allen Poe and H. L. Mencken, activists like Frederick Douglas, singers like Billie Holliday, filmmakers like John Waters and institutions like John Hopkins University and Hospital.

To this day, Baltimore continues to attract artists, innovators and entrepreneurs. Why? Because this city has a unique culture and a strong sense of place that cannot be found anywhere else. It’s this uniqueness and sense of place that inspired The Zenith. Our style is in tune with what makes Baltimore great and our location is set in the heart of this amazing city. When you live here, you’ll be a part of everything that has made Baltimore one of America’s iconic towns.