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The Zenith The Zenith: Music Under the Dome: 90s One Hit Wonders - The Zenith Blog

The Zenith The Zenith: Music Under the Dome: 90s One Hit Wonders

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If you’re looking for a fun musical event in the Baltimore, Maryland area, then look no further than Music Under the Dome: 90s One Hit Wonders, which takes place at the Maryland Science Center at 601 Light Street in Baltimore on Friday, April 8 from 7 to 10 p.m. This event takes you on a journey through space to the songs you’ll never forget in the venue’s 360-degree dome. Take in some of the best tracks by musicians like Rusted Root, Blind Melon, The Cardigans, and more, while you drift through a universe of stunning galaxies and psychedelic graphics.’ Make sure to get to the venue early before the show for the cocktail hour, complete with special activities and adult beverages in the space exhibits. Then join the Maryland Science Center for an entirely immersive music show, curated by the team. This event, and all Music Under the Dome events, are only for adults ages 21 and up, so you need to present a valid ID upon arrival. Your ticket includes the space exhibits, pre-show activities, drinks, and one show in the Davis Planetarium.

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