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Eat Healthier in the New Year at NuVegan Cafe

Eat Healthier in the New Year at NuVegan Cafe

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If your New Year’s resolution was to make healthier choices, let the experts at NuVegan Cafe be your guide. They just opened a new branch in Baltimore where they continue to spread the news about vegan cuisine—more specifically, that it doesn’t have to be devoid of flavor or creativity. Their cafeteria-style setup showcases an ever-rotating array of dishes, crafted using organic or all-natural ingredients whenever possible. The exact lineup changes with the day and the season, which is part of NuVegan’s appeal. You’ll never have to order the same thing twice—unless you really want to. Even meat-eaters will be able to appreciate NuVegan’s take on chicken drumsticks and fried steak. They enlist plant-based proteins to recreate these comfort foods, and the faux versions are convincing enough to appease carnivores. They’re particularly delicious when paired with a flavorful side of curried yuba, ginger collard greens, Thai noodles, or the signature vegan mac and cheese. In the mood for something sweet? You won’t want to miss the uber-popular cinnamon rolls, served warm and gooey throughout the day.

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