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Invigorate Your Senses at Pierce’s Park

Invigorate Your Senses at Pierce’s Park

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Escape the everyday with a visit to Pierce’s Park! This uniquely designed, one-acre urban park is located within walking distance to the water and museums in Columbus Center within Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The park’s intentional design was led by Whitman, Requardt and Associates, LLP, a nationally recognized engineering, architectural, construction management and environmental firm in Baltimore. Pierce’s Park’s design was intended to honor local business and community leader Pierce John Flanigan III, a Harbor East resident who loved the environment and Chesapeake Bay. With native plantings, indigenous trees, willow tunnels, homophone words scattered throughout the walkways, pipe xylophones, fun, climbable structures, and more, Pierce’s Park serves as a charming, kid-centric “sensory” park. It combines music, art, and design to create a peaceful experience for visitors of all ages. The off-beat, charming outdoor experience is one of Baltimore’s hidden gems. Despite its seemingly small size, Pierce’s Park is just the spot for children and adults alike to have fun and relax, all in the middle of Baltimore’s hustle and bustle.

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