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National Aquarium: A National Treasure Is Right in Your Backyard

National Aquarium: A National Treasure Is Right in Your Backyard

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People travel from all along the East Coast (or sometimes even farther) to visit the National Aquarium. As one of the country’s top three aquariums, it’s welcomed more than 50 million guests since debuting in 1981. You won’t have to go very far to check it out, though—it’s right in your backyard, tucked away in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. More than 20,000 critters call it home today. Most of them live in the water, but the amphibians, reptiles, and birds reside at least partially on land. That’s why you’ll find such a wide variety of creatures to meet at the National Aquarium. Spy the orange-tinged beak of the Atlantic Puffin as it waddles towards the water or the distinctive cerulean hue of the Blue Blubber Jelly as it undulates through the water. Stand back in awe while the blacktip reef shark prowls its habitat and the shockingly vibrant Blue Poison Dart Frog nimbly scales a tree trunk. Gaze curiously back at a Golden Lion Tamarin as it lounges in a tree; wave hello to the gentle Giant South American River Turtle; behold the eerie grin of Johnston’s Crocodile. These and many other animals call the National Aquarium home.

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