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Don’t Miss the Loaded Tater Tots at HalfSmoke, Now Open Near The Zenith

Don’t Miss the Loaded Tater Tots at HalfSmoke, Now Open Near The Zenith

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New additions are no surprise here in Baltimore but, every once in a while, we’re lucky enough to have a genuine gem join our impressive list of eateries, stores, and other points of interest. Most recently, this remarkable role has been filled by HalfSmoke, a new spot for American eats near The Zenith. From its origins in Washington DC, HalfSmoke opened their Canton location just recently. Nevertheless, they’ve acquired plenty of enthusiastic fans from the start. One Yelp reviewer notes that this really is an impressive quality, writing, “For a new place, no noticeable kinks.” Another adds, “First visit has me wanting to come back for more.” Of course, you’ll find plenty of tasty foods to try at HalfSmoke, such as loaded tater tots, their signature sausages, salads, and more, But, as good as their menu may be, it’s not what draws most visitors in, nor what creates so many satisfied repeat customer. As one Yelp user puts it, “There’s a big neon sign across the back of this place that says don’t grow up it’s a trap- and the whole place follows that vibe.” From an assortment of games ready to be played to checks delivered in now-retro VHS cases, HalfSmoke is here to encourage Baltimore locals to embrace their inner kid—with some tasty dishes, too.

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