Start Summer With a Fresh Look From Studio 921 Salon and Spa

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With summer on its way, a haircut is probably a must-have addition to your calendar. Whether it’s a fresh new style to accompany a new season or a basic trim to leave you with a little less length for the hottest months of the year, Studio 921 Salon and Spa will give you a look you love. When you enter Studio 921 for your salon experience or spa treatment, you’ll be met with a truly enjoyable time. If you’ve thought of regular haircuts as a chore in the past, they may become your favorite errand. You can even enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while you’re pampered!From highlights to blowouts, Studio 921’s results—and their subsequent customer reviews—speak for themselves. Yelp reviewer Rachel E. writes of the salon, I’m so happy I found Studio 921; upscale, friendly staff & fair prices.” Liz M. exclaims, I cannot recommend this place enough!!” while Sarah H. calls it, “The best in South Baltimore!" These testimonials and others laud Studio 921 for its affordable, yet upscale quality, impressive service. 

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