Expect Vegan Soul Food at Dodah’s Kitchen

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When you think of soul food, you likely picture a few quintessential dishes: fried chicken or fish, cornbread seasoned with bacon fat, or buttery grits, to name a few. With each of these iconic homestyle dishes, you’re certainly not thinking of vegan meals—but Dodah's Kitchen is aiming to change that. With locations in Baltimore and Mt. Rainier, Dodah’s Kitchen reimagines soul food with vegan entrees and desserts. Classics like chicken and waffles, macaroni and cheese, cheesecake, and fried fish are all veganized. You can even customize your perfect platter with your choice of entree, sides, or sandwich, paired with cornbread or banana bread. And, with pickup and delivery available at each of their locations, packaged items at hundreds of retailers along the coast, and catering and meal plan options available, there’s no limit to how you can enjoy this reinvented, planet-friendly soul food. Whatever method you choose and whatever you opt for from the menu, you can enjoy the benefits of vegan food (be it supporting your health, the environment, or your favorite animals) without sacrificing any of the delicious flavor. Dodah’s Kitchen’s vegan soul food might even prove to be better than the omnivorous dishes that inspire it!

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